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Who are we?

AIM INVER is born from our CEO’s ambition and character. It was founded on 2016, when Spain started to recover from the huge crisis that it suffered during the previous years.

This crisis was mainly aggravated by an irresponsible financing from bank entities and finance intermediaries. These entities gave any kind of financing, without taking into account (or maybe ignoring voluntarily) that in the long term this situation would blow up provoking a huge disaster in the economy.

Executions of real estate, defaults, emigration, unemployment, or increase of begging are only some of the consequences of this mismanagement.

After years of training, both professionally and personally, Ignacio Trillo decided to found AIM INVER, with the humble intention to give Spain back what he had received from it during his whole life, avoiding making the same mistakes that the previous companies of this sector made.

This is when Ignacio decided to create a team of expert advisors, locating the first office in “Barrio de Salamanca”, Madrid.

Frequent questions

The time to get your mortgage depends directly on the complexity operation. Once the team of advisors have the corresponding documentation, begins the process. This period ranges between the first two weeks and the two months.

The repayment period it´s going according to age. The maximum is up to seventy-five years. For example, if I´m 42 years old, I can afford my mortgage in 33 years.

Aim Inver is focus on operations that need the 100% financial. Depending on the client profile, we achieve the highest possible percentage.

The monthly fee is based on the mortgage loan and the amortization, which also affects the interest rate.

The first documentation to be submitted corresponds to the copy of the I.D, two last payrolls, the work contract or retention certificate. Do not worry, each advisor will specify what is strictly necessary in your case.

If we are diferent from the rest of financial advisors it´s because we work to success. This means that you will not have to pay anything until the last day with your mortgage made. Maximum security guaranteed.

There´s no exclusivity until the entity approves the financing. In this way you will have all the confidence and freedom to ask what you need.

Total National Mortgages

Period from 2003 to 2017

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